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About Awaken CHE
The Vision of a Center for Human Evolution

Awaken is a currently forming non-profit organization and Center focused on spirit, mind and body education, empowerment, and growth. The following outlines the vision for Awaken...

Awaken is a catalyst for awakening and evolution through community, events, and cultivation of spiritual leaders. We are dedicated to expanding consciousness, awareness of self and others, and encouraging and teaching happy, harmonious ways of living. Awaken promotes human evolution through self healing and empowerment with the use of multiple forms of education and direct experience. We welcome all religions, ethnicities, and cultures.

Create Peace. Share Joy. Be Love.

Awaken is a Center for Human Evolution (CHE) where individuals and groups will be guided into their brightest, highest, and most beloved selves through the education and practice of empowerment, expression, love and acceptance.

Awaken uses education as its primary tool for empowering people to know, understand, and live their greatest potential. The main catalyst used for empowerment is the expression of emotions and deepest truths within us, creating a space to accept vulnerability in ourselves and in others.

Awaken realizes the importance of helping future generations reach their full potential. This is accomplished both through working with youth, as well as helping current and future parents understand themselves and the needs and potential of their children.

Awaken is dedicated to bringing love and harmony to the hearts of all humankind through education and health. Awaken’s goals include, but are not limited to:

  • Love and Acceptance of Self
  • Expression of Self
  • Love and Acceptance of Others
  • Evolution of Mind, Body, and Spirit to our Fullest Potential

About Awaken:
The idea, brand, and purpose of Awaken came into Greg Campiis's aweness in October of 2012. What began as a loose concept to create a space for the spiritual and evolving community quickly coalesced into a bigger picture as a direct way to impact people’s emotional and spiritual growth, host affordable and free events, and do charitable work in the community to expose people to new holistic and metaphysical ways of being. Recently incorporated, we plan on having our 501c3 status in 2015. Awaken’s goal is to create community and provide the space for people to discover and express themselves, their gifts, and their potential. We bring together people who understand and empathize with each other’s life circumstances and paths, as well as assist others in finding and developing their own path and gifts through social gatherings, celebrations, workshops, expos and other events.

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Awaken is now a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.
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