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What the world needs now

AWAKEN was started to fill a growing need: to help Humanity evolve to its next level in consciousness, spirituality, and physical well-being. Many people are awakening for the first time or being called back to the beliefs and gifts they were born with. AWAKEN is here to support their journey and help in any way that supports their good.

AWAKEN is a resource, community, and platform to experience and facilitate growth and healing for ourselves individually and for the collective. We promote and encourage self-healing, empowerment, and the raising of consciousness.

We offer a myriad of paths, beliefs, and systems to assist in growth. Our only belief is no one path is for everyone. We aren’t here to tell you what’s right for you, what to believe, or how it’s done. We are here to offer alternatives, new concepts as well as old, and allow you to choose what is right for your own growth and evolution.

In-person, we offer direct experiences through our events including classes, workshops, concerts, expos and retreats. All of our events are designed to raise awareness and consciousness through inspiration, education, meditation, self-reflection, healing, and social gatherings.

AWAKEN’s goal is to create community and provide the space for people to Awaken through social gatherings, celebrations, workshops, expos and other events. Our events allow people to discover and express their truest selves, their gifts, and their potential. We bring together people who understand and empathize with each others life circumstances and paths and create new connections and friendships with people sharing similar visions and interests.

We love to bring people together. Whether you are new to a path of Awakening (you are not alone), or have been on your path for years (even your whole life), love, support and new friends are awaiting you.

AWAKEN’s resources and events cover everything from holistic to metaphysical, organic to supernatural, and positive thinking to developing intuition. We serve everyone regardless of where they are on their path. From those just Awakening to a new way of being to those already on their journey, we help people connect to others on all levels, constantly allowing a continued process of growth and evolution.

AWAKEN’s charitable work consists of bringing joy, healing, and inspiration to children, the elderly, the sick, and others in need. This is done through music, inspirational talks, meditation, energy healing, and other methods to produce positive growth and encourage mental and physical well-being.


The AWAKEN website serves as a resource to grow consciously and spiritually and as a hub to discover and connect with community locally and around the world.

Our site features an online directory of healers, intuitives, coaches, and counselors, and features a calendar of holistic and spiritual events. Our AWAKEN events are held in primarily in the greater Philadelphia area, easily accessible from  NJ and DE and within a reasonable driving distance from New York, Baltimore, and Washington DC. Our Community Calendar lists events from all over the USA.


At the age of 30, Greg Campisi began his spiritual journey. After a few years of self-reflection, meditation, and soul searching, a desire and vision emerged to build spiritual community center. In October of 2012, That vision became clear. Greg was guided to create a non-profit to help people on their path of Awakening. He had learned that no matter where a person was on their path—Awakening for the first time or a gifted old soul—they all were looking for support and ways to be seen and heard… and all wanted to help humanity evolve into a more loving, collective consciousness. So what began as a loose concept to create a space for the spiritual community quickly coalesced into a grand vision of directly impacting people’s emotional and spiritual growth. Through a non-profit, the opportunity arises to host affordable and free events, create community, and do conscious, charitable work all with the energy of giving and gratitude. AWAKEN’s first event, Awaken the World, was held on December 22, 2012, the day after the Mayan Calendar ended, and three years later on November 5, 2015, Awaken became an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Board of Directors:

  • Gregory Campisi – President
  • Colleen Paraboschi – Vice President
  • Alison Sahoo – Secretary and Treasurer
  • Scott Kleiman – Board Member
  • Anthony Campisi – Board Member

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Create Peace. Share Joy. Be Love.


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