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We’re dedicated to the raising of consciousness across the planet. We have big plans for AWAKEN and even bigger plans for Humanity. Each of us Awakens in our own way and in our own time, but the Awakening of Humanity as a whole can only happen together, supporting and learning from each other. We are here to provide that support, create community, and lovingly assist and guide individuals. But for AWAKEN to to succeed in our mission and flourish as a non-profit organization, we need your help.

How can you help AWAKEN?

You can help in many ways…

  • Share this website with friends, family, collegues, and new holistic and spiritual people you meet.
  • Let people in the Greater Philidelphia and Tri-State area know about Awaken's local meet-ups and signature events.
  • Help grow the Holistic Directory
  • Help grow the Events Calendar
    • Add your spiritual, conscious, and holistic events to the AWAKEN Community Calendar (single event or re-occurring)
    • Ask others to add their conscious events to the Community Calendar
    • Email us about any major holistic events going on that you feel should be on the Community Calendar
  • Volunteer your talents. Email us with how you can help!
  • Donate! We are motivated by love but funded with money. Like any organization, we need funding to function day-to-day and funding to grow. The bigger Awaken becomes, the more people we can help on their journey of conscious growth, expansion and evolution until we all live in a world of mindfulness and love.


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Join our Email List for Events, Inspiration, and Awaken News