What People Are Saying...

“Greg Campisi is a leader and steward of helping people achieve peace, happiness and fulfillment. Through his work with his nonprofit Awaken, Greg continually elevates and inspires others to a greater sense of community and connectedness.  His events are professionally run and well worth attending.”

~ Jon

What people are saying about our Healing Expo:

"I was blown away at the Healing Expo - people came together, shared, laughed, supported each other, met up with old friends and made new ones.  We are being guided to come together at this crucial time of the dawning of this New Era in Consciousness to create self-sustaining communities that thrive in The New Way, for the old is crumbling before our eyes.  
The Healing Expo is how we do it!"

"Thank you so much for the Healing Expo. The healing going on was off the charts! I learned and healed a lot that day. Many thanks to all the healers, musicians, and organizers.
I look forward to future events."
~ Elsa

"It was truly great!! I met a lot of people and was busy all day. The healing that was going on around me was quite evident by the hugs and smiles... the energy was palpable. The expo was GREAT and I can't wait for next years.
Thanks again."
~ Anne

"Greg has a way of attracting the best wellness practitioners and mentors in the area. Come in like a sponge and soak up the offerings of so many transformational speakers and service providers under one roof."
~ Ruth Anne

"Thank you for organizing this wonderful Expo! I met with several gifted and compassionate healers and had extraordinary experiences. I also gathered information about modalities and healers in the area.
You are providing a much needed service!"
~ Elaine

"Wow, what an amazing day. Thanks for the opportunity to work with a group of amazing healers. And thank you to the people who came to receive healing.
Love and light "
~ Bob


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