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The following represents the intent and vision for the future of AWAKEN

AWAKEN will continue to expand from its roots of small intimate gatherings to large scale events hosting hundreds at events, thousands at expos, and reaching millions online and through various media outlets. AWAKEN events can be hosted anywhere and we plan on creating a physical AWAKEN Center dedicated to supporting the Awakening community in various ways. To help manifest this vision, the following is written in the present tense:

Creating a physical Center for Human Evolution (The CHE)

The strength of AWAKEN’s Center for Human Evolution comes from its combination of functional and social arenas. The CHE will combine Learning, Healing, and Community. Any and all services, classes, products and art that are part of the CHE will be dedicated to the Awaken mission and purpose.

Rooms are available for facilitators to practice their health services and guide workshops and classes. These rooms are available for free to all facilitators who support Awaken. Facilitators who are full-time members of the CHE will be appropriately compensated. All other facilitators supporting the CHE may reserve rooms for services or workshops and classes, and a donation will be asked in return.

Healing rooms will be on-site for all guests of the CHE. Some rooms are built with the sole purpose for use as healing chambers and will only be used for their dedicated purpose. Other rooms will include community rooms shared among designated facilitators, and common rooms which will be open to any facilitators supporting the CHE.

In order to help focus these areas for individuals and groups, the CHE will also function as a living complex and retreat center. People may stay overnight, weekends, weeks, months, or years. For those staying extended periods of time, a minimum ongoing donation or exchange will be requested.

Personal and Global Evolution:

The CHE recognizes the equal importance of Learning, Healing, and Socializing; however, the primary focus of its facilitators and programs is education and growth though experience, knowledge, and gaining inner wisdom. Classes and workshops will be offered on, but not be limited to: Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, and Nutritional Evolution. The CHE will hold classes and workshops for children, adolescents, and adults. Classes will be held a combination of weekdays, nights, and weekends. Summer day classes will be available for children and young adolescents. All classes and workshops for children and adolescents will be free. Adult introductory classes will be free. A donation or fee will be requested for all other classes and workshops. Facilitators will donate their time or be compensated for the sharing of their time, gifts, and knowledge.


The CHE is focused on the health of all three aspects of the human individual: Body, Mind, and Spirit (BMS Health).

Growth of Body Health consists of education and practice of healthy eating, as well as physical health including, but not limited to: Massage, Yoga, and Energy Healing. Healing rooms will be available for individual use or in conjunction with a health facilitator. The CHE will have an on-site Café Lounge. The Café will serve food and drinks that align with the Body Health Education programs offered at the CHE. The Café will serve organic food and drinks, and support local farmers.

Growth of Mind Health consists of, but is not limited to: Meditation, Emotional Expression and Growth, and Life Coaching. Ongoing classes and workshops will be available on a continuous basis to feed the mind in a positive and loving manor.

Growth of Spirit Health consists of, but is not limited to: Meditation, Energy Work, and Intuitive Development. Silent meditation rooms will be available for self-reflection.


For many, the Awaken and Evolve process sometimes leaves more questions than answers, and creates a vulnerable emotional state that we believe is to be celebrated, nurtured, and loved. Receiving support from others who understand this process, and having the space to freely discuss this process, is essential. The CHE’s Café Lounge will be a space to provide a loving, supportive atmosphere. We also believe cultivating joy and creativity is just as essential. The CHE’s Lounge and other social areas encourage and assist sharing and expressing life through speaking, music, art, and other activities which are aligned with the Awaken mission and purpose.


To encourage growth, connection, and community, living spaces are available. These spaces fulfill the purpose of providing the opportunity to stay engulfed in Awaken’s love and energy for extended periods of time. Living spaces are available for groups as well as individuals, both facilitators and guests, who wish to immerse themselves in the CHE life for brief or extended periods of time.

Awaken is not only providing a space to learn and grow, it also nurtures a way of life that will be carried on beyond its physical boundaries to be shared with all Humanity worldwide.

Focus on Youth:

AWAKEN will have a large focus on the Growth and Evolution of Youth ranging from young children to adolescents. AWAKEN will be focused on assisting: Youth with Social Challenges, Youth with Mental and Physical Challenges, and Gifted Youth. All youth workshops and classes offered will work with the children, as well as their parents, to assist the adults in understanding their child’s situation and desires.

AWAKEN will assist Youths with Social Challenges to understand themselves and their current situation and assist them in overcoming any adversity or challenges facing their lives.

AWAKEN will assist Youths with Mental and Physical Challenges to find joy and health within the current constraints of their physical abilities. We believe that the child’s consciousness is still whole and intact regardless of their perceived state of being and view mental challenges as a result of physical challenges.

AWAKEN will assist Gifted Youths in understanding, accepting, and developing themselves and their gifts and talents. The CHE will also assist parents in understanding and accepting their child’s unique gifts and talents.

Gallery and Store:

Supporters may donate items to the gallery and store to be sold with all proceeds benefitting AWAKEN, and supporters may also sell products in the Gallery and Store and donate a portion of the proceeds back to AWAKEN.

Awaken the Brand:

Awaken will create a brand of positive products including meditations, music, artwork, t-shirts and books to sell in the store and online to become a self supportive organization and spread the positive vision and energy of Awaken.


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