Are You Awakening?

You're not alone. Help and Support Are All Around You.

People around the globe are Awakening.

For many, it’s the first time they are Awakening. For others, it is a re-Awakening… gifts they had as a child that had been lost or suppressed are resurfacing. Even those who have been Awake since birth are shifting, growing, and evolving faster than ever before. It truly is the beginning of a Golden Age of spiritual Awakening. And AWAKEN is here to help in every way we can.

We know it can be a lonely, challenging path for many. For people beginning to experience this Awakening, it can be confusing and disheartening when all your friends and family think you’ve gone mad. So, we’re here to tell you… You’re not alone and you’re not crazy! In fact, you’re probably saner and closer to divine truth than many of those around you.

AWAKEN is happy to offer help and guidance. Please call 1-855-496-2981, leave us a message and someone will return your call as soon as possible, or send us an email.

What does it mean to Awaken?

It means a lot of things, and it shows up differently for everyone. You will start sensing, seeing, and knowing things that you never have before (or possibly did, but as a child). Any or all of the following may be part of your experience:

  • You are highly sensitive
    Any or all of your senses may become heightened, both physical and extrasensory.  You are an empath. Along with experiencing new sensations of smell, touch, taste, hearing, and sight, you have highly sensitive feelings. You easily pick up on the feelings of others. you feel them so strongly you may not know the difference between feeling your own emotions and theirs. It can take time and practice discerning your feelings from others, but once you do, you’ll realize what a blessing and powerful gift this can be.
  • You are intuitive
    Otherwise known as psychic, but not everyone likes to use that word. It conjures up images of boardwalk palm readers and gypsies (not that there’s anything wrong with that). It means your internal (or external) guidance system has kicked in, possibly straight into high gear! Everyone has heard of intuition and gut feelings. Trust it. Listen to it. Embrace it. The more you practice listening to your intuition, the stronger it will be become and the faster you will be able to rely on it. Developing intuition is like building muscles. It takes time, patience, and repetition. It’s always been there, but acknowledging, accepting and trusting it is new to many. Pay attention to when your inner voice or knowing tells you something. Even if you don’t listen, notice if it was right. Look for signs and confirmations around you. They come in many forms, from other people to physical things around us.
  • Your life is filled with inexplicable experiences
    Yes, that’s a bit of a broad way to put it, but if it’s happening to you then you understand what we mean. You’re suddenly experiencing, sensing and knowing things as never before. You’re life is suddenly filled with coincidences, synchronicities, and confirmations. And a lot of it may be things you don’t even know how to put into words. We understand completely.
  • You’re suddenly on a Spiritual Journey
    Maybe you were raised Catholic, born Jewish, or a self-proclaimed Atheist… and suddenly none of that matters. You aren’t about labels, rules, or Dogma, and instead seek a pure, higher truth. God takes on a whole new meaning from what others have taught (and perhaps you realize and embrace that it’s the meaning you’ve always known deep in your heart). Maybe you don’t even call it God. Maybe it’s Source, the Universe, or Divine Consciousness. That’s the beauty of the path: none of it really matters because it’s the seeking and a finding of truth, often outside of words, that now defines your beliefs. You may suddenly find yourself surrounded by Angels, Guides, and Ascended Masters. You may even find yourself having two way conversations with Jesus or Buddha. Regardless of the destination, there are many spiritual paths that lead there. Allow yours to be unique.

Intuition and psychic abilities can show up in many forms. It can take one or all of these (and maybe some not listed)

  • You just “know” things
    Answers just pop into your head like a fond memory. You have no idea how you know something, but you know it so deeply, to you, it is absolute truth. This is a bit different from feeling something, but any of the other senses can be confirmation of a “knowing.”
  • You are hearing “voices”
    You are clairaudient. The voices you hear may sound like your own or may be distinctly someone else’s voice you hear, whispering in your ear or as clear as someone standing next to you. It could be the voice of your higher self, your guides, your angels, or straight from the Divine Source. Maybe all of them. It really doesn’t matter where the guidance comes from as long as it’s helpful and loving.
  • You “see” things
    You are clairvoyant. This means you may see things in your mind’s eye (also known as spiritual sight) or you may see something as clear as day that others do not. It can be anything: a person, place, thing, etc. You may also start seeing energy in the forms of auras or energy trails.
  • You get “feelings”
    You are clairsentient. You sense things in an almost indescribable way. You feel it with every cell of your body and may struggle to put this feeling into words.
  • You see the “other” side.
    You are a medium. You can see dead people (That’s the blunt way to put it). It can sound scary, but it is also a blessing beyond your wildest dreams. You have the power to connect people with their loved ones, to prove life after death, and witness first-hand the beauty and love of life on the other side.

So now what?

You never imagined your life like this. You don’t know what to do, where to go, or who to believe. You never imaged you could have these experiences, that it would happen to you. Welcome home. You’re on the right path, and it’s going to be a wild ride! Just know: even though it may appear trying at times, you are supported and loved by the entirety of the Universe.

Most importantly: Trust Yourself! Only you know what’s right for you. What worked for someone else may help you, but understand it’s not the only way. It was specific to them for their time and place. As we evolve, how we learn and grow also evolves. Other’s experiences and guidance can be a huge blessing, sometimes it’s exactly what you need in the moment, but no one else holds your truth. Only you can decide that! This includes AWAKEN! We offer a myriad of information, new and old, and showcase amazing, gifted people. We do our best to guide you, but do not tell you what to do. Learn to tune in, feel the truth of your being, and find your own answers. It may take a lot of dedication, time, and practice… or it may happen overnight. Did we mention everyone’s journey of Awakening is unique?

Trust that what you are seeing hearing, feeling, and experiencing are part of your spiritual growth and evolution and the evolution of the planet – truly a new way of living and being. Welcome to the Awakening of Humanity.

Second: Find support and community! If you’re not sure how, ask the Universe to send it to you! You’ll be surprised how many others are also on a journey of Awakening. Believe it or not, there are many others who understand what you are going through. Check our Calendar of Events in your area or search our Holistic Directory for people, centers, and stores (we are new, so please be patient while we are expanding our presence and please help them grow in any way you can) Meetup is also great place to start. Spiritual and holistic meetups are constantly popping up. Look for ones that are free or inexpensive, and that have some focus on building community, not just on the organizer.


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