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A Message of Love: Interview with “E.T. Mom” Dee Wallace

A Message of Love: Interview with “E.T. Mom” Dee Wallace

In this exclusive interview, actress & celebrity Dee Wallace shares with Awaken the beginnings of her spiritual journey, and what has been the keystone of that path.

by Nicole Campbell 

Whether you are listening to Dee Wallace’s podcast or watching a movie she starred in – such as “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” in 1982 - the first thing you are likely to notice is her upbeat energy. This energy emanates from her no matter what the subject of your conversation, but if you get the opportunity to delve into her spiritual know-how, you start to see not only how vast her knowledge is but the ways in which she walks the spiritual path herself.

Dee is clairaudient, meaning that she channels energy thru sound (hears information audibly) and uses that energy to assist others in their healing. It was a path that came about when she decided that she was tired of being unhappy and blaming the painful experiences in her life for her unhappiness.

Dee’s individual “story”— as she calls it — involves a poor upbringing and an alcoholic father who committed suicide. But she warns about the overtelling of negative stories.

“When we tell our story,” Dee says, “we often get stuck in it.”

It is perhaps, for this reason, that Dee quickly turns the focus of her story toward the more positive aspects of her past. Those include lessons learned from strong female role models, the early emergence of her clairaudient abilities, and how her husband reawakened her interest in spirituality.   

While everyone has their own story, Dee considers her spiritual path to be a natural one that started long before her interest in it. “We’re all born into our spiritual path,” she says. “We just don’t recognize it and most don’t expand upon it. But we are spiritual beings, period.” 

Dee’s story takes a unique turn when she describes her acting process as channeling the character. Her ability to “tap into people's energies” is what Dee considers to be the driving force behind both her healing work and her acting career. She sees each of these aspects of her life as intertwined with the other.

“Whoever you are,” she says, “you take into everything.”

Dee explains that as an actress, the channeling of energy allows her to come across as honest. As a clairaudient channel, this ability allows her to see how a client is working against themselves so that she can assist them in removing blocks and obtaining what they want. She does this by teaching people how to refocus their own energy and change belief structures that are standing in the way of their happiness.

Most of all, the key to all of this is hidden in plain sight and that key is love.

“Love’s the answer,” Dee says. “We’ve heard it forever, but we don’t buy it because it’s just too easy. The world appears, sometimes, as not being focused in love. What we don’t realize is that the world is mirroring back to us our own belief system.”

The theme of love is one that Dee features in her weekly radio show. This show airs live on Sundays at noon and invites live callers to receive readings over the airways. During the shows, she uses unique methods. “Give me a song,” she said to one caller. “Give me a movie” she might say to another. All the while, she uses information from the song or movie to give real messages to her callers.

Most of the time, it all boils down to love.


*** Although she is best known for her role as Elliott's mother, Mary, in the 1982 Steven Spielberg film E.T. the Extra-TerrestrialDee Wallace has held a variety of movie roles throughout her career, appeared on a variety of news and talk shows, and is a sought-after speaker. She has also authored five books on the subject of self-creation, one of which is shown in the image at right.

To learn more about Dee Wallace, click here for her website or listen to her weekly radio show or podcasts. For Awaken’s full interview with Dee, click here.

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