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A Request to Set Us Free

A Request to Set Us Free

* Article and artwork by Maria Chambers  

We have been working diligently along with our soul to set ourselves free.  Free from our heritage, our bloodline, our ancestors, mass consciousness and even our spiritual families back home.  We have been setting ourselves, through this embodied enlightenment process, free from our galactic story.  A story that had us being in service to others, especially as women, from a place of compromising our own joy.

We have been releasing our family, friends, and other connections and it can make us feel sad.  It's bitter-sweet.  But we know deep within our hearts that this is what we came here to do. It doesn't necessarily mean severing all ties but sometimes it does.

It's the most difficult thing to do.  And one reason is because even though we are moving on, there are bodies of consciousness that don't want us to go. There are beings, dead and alive, that want to keep us tethered to them.

They feel abandoned by us.

When I was younger, and less conscious, I would sometimes try to keep someone in my life, even if they were trying to move on. And of course that rarely worked anyway. In fact, it pushed them further away. You may have experienced a loved one on their deathbed, and you knew they were ready to transition, and there was a part of you that honored that. But wasn't there a part of you that didn't want them to go?

You didn't want to experience the inevitable sadness of no longer having them in your life. At least not on the physical level.

And it didn't help them either, because on a soul level it would have been easier for them to let go of the body if those around them were more aware. But it is what it is.

Others in our life, living and non-living, physical and non-physical can feel us leaving. Not necessarily dying, but moving on from the 3D reality. They probably don't understand it the way we do, so they go into fear. And they may try different tactics to keep us connected to them.

Some subtle, some not so subtle ways. Which of course makes it harder on us. They don't realize that it's hard on us too. Just because we may have initiated the break up, or the moving on process, it doesn't mean we are not also grieving the loss. We may have begun the grieving process earlier because we sensed we were going to let them go.

I felt that with both my husbands. And with another long-term relationship. I would cry, and feel a grieving and not be able to fully express it to them. So I felt deeply alone with the pain. And then there was the guilt of hurting someone else.

But of course on a soul level they too are creating their reality. They too are working out their issues, one of which may be feelings of abandonment. We can't break anyone else's heart unless they are already feeling broken-hearted.

But often they will let you know how much you have hurt them.


And that's why it's so difficult to move into our freedom. We may be doing our part on the human and soul level, of releasing our old role, the role of caretaker and of carrying the emotional wounds of our human family. But there is resistance and it's not just ours.  

But on a soul level, many of those others don't want us to use them as an excuse for not moving into our freedom.

So now it's time to ask them also to let us go.  Not to their face necessarily, but in our heart.  To remind them that they want us to move forward to make it easier for them to do so when it's their time. That we are stronger than most, but we are also the human who has a tender heart. Theirs is tender, but so is ours.

We are developing a heart that is sovereign and that doesn't use sympathy and nurturing any more to share our love. It's a heart that is self-loving. It's unfolding. But it takes time.  And our time here on this planet isn't limitless. We came here to share our soul's presence, first with our human self, and then to radiate that love outward.

And nothing is truly lost. Life is eternal. We are all going to see one another again. And meanwhile, this human experience is the most evolved experience a soul can have. It's the opportunity to have a homecoming with all the parts and pieces of ourselves that got lost. It's such a gift to use it as it was intended.

If they only knew what a gift it is we are sharing at this time...those of us here on the forefront. If they only knew what it takes to do this. To dive so deeply into ourselves, and to allow our life to be torn apart on such an intimate level.

What they see as uncaring is actually deep compassion, which is the highest form of love. It's a love that does not pity. It's a love that has total understanding of what pain is, but also knows that everyone has been given the opportunity to transcend it in their own time.

It's a love that knows the there is no short cut to their freedom. That allows everyone to take their own journey. It's a love that becomes a role model of the radical and brave and rare human...the human who no longer tries to figure life out alone, as just the human. It's a love that accepts their human self just as it is.

You, dear fellow pioneer, are a role model of the soul who has put both feet firmly into this reality, into its own creation, and is sharing its love with its human partner.  Who allows itself to feel life in the most sensual way. And guess who benefits from that love? This planet, and ALL THAT IS.



*** Maria Chambers is a new consciousness teacher, helping to bring in the new energies through her art, music, spoken and written word.  "And by just hanging out at my local cafe, writing in my journal, and appreciating the simple things in life," she says.  "I have my good days.  I have my bad days.  I prefer the good days.  Of course, as enlightened beings, we're supposed to say, "It's all gooood!!!"  Well, I finally gave myself permission, through this amazing and often crushing process of not always like curse at tell it to go to hell!!!  Being human isn't as easy as it looks...being human and divine, well that's even more all of us know.  My blog explores the process we are going through, and hopefully helps to answer some questions, helps to soothe any concerns, with wisdom and some humor."

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