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AWAKEN Newsletter: July 2017 Edition

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This month features an excellent Q&A with spirit via Simona, an extended look at the astrological forecast, and interviews, awakenings, and inspiring stories from the AWAKEN blog.

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Ask Simona

Monthly Channeled Spiritual Advice  

When sitting in meditation and asking guidance, how can you tell if the thoughts you are listening to are from your divine mind or your ordinary mind?

Dear Norm,
One of the frustrating things about guidance is that more often than not it will sound just like ourselves – it will be a thought that just burst in our awareness, a flash of an image that makes us question ourselves, or a distracting parade of images that will live us feeling like we maybe afflicted with ADD. It is a great challenge to trust that these inputs are not a figment of our imagination but a product of our connection to the ethers. I have yet to find a fail-safe system that helps me discern a falsehood from a truth especially when asking for myself, but I have a system that helps me get pretty close which I will share.

First lets look at what gets in the way.
We are our greatest obstacles. Our doubts, our lack of faith and trust in self, our ever-questioning mind and need for proof are our biggest enemies. Our emotions will dictate our state of mind and also our frequency and vibrational being. During a time of great emotional upheaval, or while in anxiety and worry mode, our frequency will be lower and more open to lower vibrational beings that love to pass as our higher selves and or angels and spirit guides. Asking for guidance in these times allows for impurities to come trough and with a strong enough voice sounding the most accurate. Many of us have fallen for these moments of misguidance, and believed in them.

What does help is making sure your vibrations are in a good place. You can achieve this by relaxing and creating an environment that is sacred and a safe space where you can be yourself. Music is a great conduit to bring the body and the mind to a relaxed and calm state of being. Toning and or chanting is also a great way to bring your energy bodies to a higher level of frequency. Being in a space like a group meditation can also be a great conduit of higher frequency and the body will respond to the environment as long as the mind and its worries don’t take over.

You will know your frequency is higher and in a good place because it usually is accompanied by a sense of peace and lightness from within. Once you achieve the higher frequency state, the next step is to drop into the heart. This will separate your divine mind from the ego mind, putting space between the two. This is a process that may need to be repeated a few times, just consciously tell yourself to drop into your heart, and you will feel it. This too can bring a sense of lightness and serenity.

Next step is to ask for the truth only, willingly accepting any truth without doubting it, and for this truth to be from the highest divine form, I usually ask from God. Next step is to ask if you are allowed to ask about a situation and/or person. Acquiring knowledge that may cause interference with our plans or anyone else’s plans is greatly guarded and is the number one reason sometimes we get conflicting answers.

These all apply to any situation where you are open and willing to receive whatever spirit is willing to share. In this case, the fact that you are willing and open to whatever guidance comes through is also proof that you have relinquished any control, and that already puts you a head of the game.

Even then, the question of “can I trust what I just heard” comes up. 
In this case you need to remember that guidance is received through telepathy, which is a system that uses our thoughts, our stored knowledge and information acquired through life in order to translate a language quite foreign to us into a form that will be accepted, received and understood.

Because guidance uses telepathic conduits in the forms of Claires (clairvoyant, Claire cognizant, clairsentient etch) it will most likely look, sound and feel familiar (that being the point) so that people may be more confortable with receiving information in such a way.

Using the system mentioned above will ensure that you are in the best space to receive guidance with the most clarity; practice will make it perfect since it will create a pathway that will allow guidance to come in faster and in more details.

Blessings to you and good luck.

Need guidance from the other side? Email us questions to ask Simona, and we may pick one to publish in our next newsletter! Please email your question to:

Simona Manenti is a medium, healer, and intuitive. She is available for a variety of services and individual sessions.

Your Astrological  Life

Monthly Celestial and Planetary Happenings

by Carol Morotti-Meeker 

Is it hot enough for you? (and I don’t necessarily mean the temperature outside) The ‘heat’ may be around emotional, family and security issues until the Sun moves out of Cancer on July 22. Any of us who have a Cancers, Libras, Capricorns or Aries Sun or Moon may be dealing with these issues or things from the past reappearing for another engagement. Remember to employ patience, compassion and acceptance of flaws for yourself and others.  
The Capricorn Full Moon from July 9 brought feelings of social structures being dismantled and the old order, personally and in the larger world, dying. The great transformer Pluto is next to the Moon stirring power struggles and desires to control others. Make time for yourself to ground out in nature to connect with your inner guidance and wisdom activated by these planetary influences. And allow some reflection space in your life apart from busy doing. Like Sinatra sang “Do, Be Do Be Dooooo”.

With the New Moon on Sunday, July 23, it is a good time to examine old, outgrown expressions of the masculine which are being transformed by the Sun’s rays into its higher version for the next revolution around the Sun.
Because the North Node is next to Mercury at this New Moon, it is a good time to express your truth  and filter information through our heart’s wisdom. The best way forward is to lead with love to fulfill our evolutionary assignment.
And next month we have the transformation of the eclipses. Stay tuned…

Carol Morotti-Meeker is an astrologer available for
consultations and readings of all kinds.
215 233-0227.

The Awaken Library
Stories of Inspiration, Awakening, and more...

From the AWAKEN blog

Your Master Soul
by Karan Tumasz 
Our bodies don’t last, but our souls do. We are eternal beings and as such are multi-dimensional. This is why, when people meditate, comments such as, “I didn’t want to come back,” or “I was pretty far out there” or even, “I don’t remember anything,” are shared afterwards...

My Reiki Story
by Harkirat Singh (Bubbles)

In life, there are moments that define us and shape the course for the rest of our lives. My Reiki level 1 attunement was such a moment.

My journey with Reiki began the day my father gave me a book titled, "The Joy of Reiki" written by two Reiki masters from India...

The Truth of Guidance
Simona Manenti
Many on the quest of becoming in-tune to the ability to receive guidance from Spirit Guides, Angels and/or their Higher Self will find themselves face to face with a few obstacles. The ones we usually encounter first are: fears, accuracy, truthfulness, clarity and trusting oneself...

Pondering First & Last
by Rev. Sharon Cristofalo, MA, PT  

When I was asked to write for the Awaken Blog, there were many ideas that came to mind. This one thought kept repeating and repeating:  ‘Ah, yes, she is a Human and is slow to listen and get it!’ Well, let me tell you a story of Divine inspiration…

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