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Meeting the Skulls - An Evening with BobbyLight and His Crystal Skulls

Meeting the Skulls - An Evening with BobbyLight and His Crystal Skulls

* by Awaken 

I’ve never interviewed a skull before. I’ve talked with plenty of humans, including a few numbskulls, but this is my first time chatting with an inanimate interviewee. Nonetheless, I found the skulls both informative and charming …..

First, a bit of backstory. BobbyLight Rowlands, a local energy healer, brought his 12 crystal skulls to First Friday at KaranAngel’s Bensalem Meetup last week. The evening was an introduction to these powerful healing tools, as many people hadn’t yet experienced a session with them. Although Bucks County has been lovingly called a “vortex” due to its high concentration of energy specialists and other lightworkers, skulls are nonetheless somewhat rare.

That is strange, given their long history of use.  As Karan explained, crystal skulls first became popular in the late 1800s as a means to collect, amplify and replay energy. Crystals have long been known for their electromagnetic and other energetic properties, while skulls have appeared throughout the centuries as symbols of power.

As such, many people find skulls to be scary. “I was fearful at first,” said BobbyLight. “Then I had a session with Colleen (Paraboschi) and I felt a lot of energy coming from her skulls. They were much more powerful than other crystals I’ve worked with.”

That led him to Jimmy, a large purple fluorite skull. Several others followed, and a few were gifted to him. Eventually, BobbyLight took a trip to see Max, a clear quartz skull discovered in Guatemala and believed to be thousands of years old. “I took my five skulls with me, and they were charged by Max,” he said. Like other crystals, skulls will absorb energy from sacred sites; they can also be charged by other charged skulls.

Charging is important, as it both increases and cleanses the crystal’s energy. Like children, crystals naturally absorb the energy to which they are exposed, especially the energy and intent of their carver and other handlers. Negative energy can be absorbed along with positive energy.

BobbyLight now has 12 skulls, of varying sizes, colors and crystal types. A 13th skull, carved from labradorite, will soon complete the set. “When I was in Santa Fe in May, I knew one was there waiting for me but it wasn’t ready to present itself yet,” he said. “I’m going back in a couple weeks to get it.”

He selected each skull by noticing its effect on his own energy field. When someone speaks the truth, BobbyLight's body jumps – like a hiccup – to confirm it. For each skull in his collection, when he asked if it was for him, his body jumped.

He uses that ability to determine which skulls to use with each client. “I have friends who will have a conversation with their skulls,” he said. “That isn’t my gift. But I know which skull wants to work with each person.”

BobbyLight's group includes a large purple fluorite (which clears emotion), a small fluorite (for help with personal power), a deep blue lapis (which activates the third eye and intuition), a large amber (which assists with emotional pain), a large light carnelian (for help with fear), a large black obsidian (which shields and grounds) and a striped zebra jasper (for mental clarity), among others.

“Since working with them, my healing ability has become stronger,” he said. “I combine Reiki and IET with the energy from the skulls. It’s a more powerful flow of energy coming thru me, especially since it includes the energy of unconditional love.”

Here is what the skulls had to say:

Awaken: Would you tell me a bit about yourselves, please?

Skulls: We are a family of beings that take the form of skulls. All matter has life-energy; crystals are especially energetic. We are energy in the form of crystals, just as you are energy in the form of humans. Energy also has intelligence, and it has consciousness, however subtle. We are a group of consciousnesses – a family. Just like human families have fathers, mothers, children and others, we have elders, younger ones, and individual personalities. Each has their own gifts and abilities – things they are good at. Our family now has 12 members, but there will be a 13th.

Awaken: What exactly do you do?

Skulls: When we’re not working, we hang out. Just like you. We relax, we enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes we joke around, other times we sleep. (Or what, for us, is like sleep). We really love to work, though. That’s why we came together – to assist BobbyLight. He’s our keeper. We chose him.

Work for us is just being. It’s allowing energy and information to come thru us to assist whoever we’re working with. Crystals absorb, amplify and emit energy. That is why they are the cornerstone of so many of your technologies. The basic structure of crystals is designed to do that. So that is what we do; but we do it for humans. We bring in new energies in the form of information, feelings and life-force energy (as distinct from electromagnetic energy, but sometimes that, too), and we interact with energies that are there.

Awaken: What is your relationship with BobbyLight?

Skulls: He directs who we work with and the session itself. He orchestrates it – like a conductor in a symphony. But to us, he’s more than that. First and foremost, he’s a friend. We connect with his energy. We chose him because he resonates at a similar vibration as we do. You could say that we’re “on the same page”. A good working relationship is important.  He was at the right stage in his development as a healer to work with us – our energy is more advanced and complex than some other techniques – and we were at the right stage in our development to undertake this work. Just as it’s new for him, it’s also new for us.

Some of us have done this work before, others have not. We all come from different places. This is the first time we are together as a group.

Awaken: How do you work with clients?

Skulls: People come to us because they are called. A voice within them wonders if this might help them. There is something troubling them; sometimes it is a physical problem but more often it is rooted in many years of emotional upset or distress. They have tried many things to alleviate the problem, but still it persists. They hear something about skulls and they are curious; they are open to the possibility that this new thing might change something within them. So they come.

Each session is different. We first synch up with the person; our energies align. We are getting to know them. Then we bring our energy in, and it begins. Some people receive visual impressions – visions. Others remember things or know things without knowing how they know. Many experience feelings – they feel calmer, happier, or more hopeful. It’s almost always a positive experience.

Awaken: Are they always healed?

Skulls: They always benefit, but not always in the way they sought when they started. We don’t “work on” specific problems. What we do is bring in energy. That energy interacts with their biofield and causes changes within their physical, mental and emotional bodies. That is where the change comes from. Some people, even when they receive that influx of energy, resist change. Those people still get something, but it is less pronounced than the ones who are truly ready. The energy enters their field and starts to move things at a slower pace. Then over time, things gradually shift for them. Of course, a lot depends upon what the person does when they leave – if they go back to an environment that supports healing or one that perpetuates the problem. But we bring the energy in.

Awaken: Where do you get your information and energy?

Skulls: We focus and aggregate free-flowing energy that is all around. It is contained in every piece of matter – every molecule, atom and subatomic particle. It’s like the air – you don’t see it, but it’s there. It is necessary for all life and if something is wrong with the way you interact with it, you won’t be well. That’s like not being able to breathe.

Awaken: What’s next for you?

Skulls: We are excited to be here! We’re just getting started. And we’re looking forward to completing our family with our 13th soon. (Shown in image at right.) Each time a new member arrives, our energy as a group shifts. It’s like adding another instrument to our orchestra – the music becomes more complex, more nuanced and more beautiful. We are eager for that.

*** BobbyLight Rowlands is a natural born healer. As a teen, he noticed when placing his hands on painful parts of his body, the hands would heat up and the pain would go away. In 2004, he was introduced to Usui Reiki and started helping his friends and family members feel better by channeling Reiki through the body and out his hands. He is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and also an IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) Master Teacher. During a session, many Guides and Angels work through him, along with the energy of unconditional love. In 2016, he began working with crystal skulls and currently offers sessions both in person and distantly.

Contact BobbyLight through his Awaken Directory Listing. For KaranAngel's Bensalem Meetup, click here.

*** The Skulls are a congenial group of crystals with different properties, that live and work with BobbyLight.

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