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The Healing Power of Sound

The Healing Power of Sound

* by Rev. Sharon Kachel 

The blessings of sound healing can't be honored enough, as far as I'm concerned. It has helped me develop my meditation, my psychic skills, my healing work, it enhances the experience of yoga, it keeps me aligned and grounded.

I love to see clients so happy after a session. I know I'm always tingling from head to toe. I feel bright, shiny and vibrating. I have witnessed people and animals clearing mental trauma and physical pain from combining IET (integrated energy therapy) and Angelic Reiki with the sound healing equipment I use.

Sound aligns the core of the person with heaven and earth, which relaxes the body/mind immediately. I have seen a PTSD dog go from not trusting his new owner to letting her pet him for the first time (willingly). I have seen my three cats go from complete chaos to getting along, after we adopted the two new ones.

Sound healing has become therapeutic to an amazing level. It can center the mind for contemplation, meditation and building new patterns and pathways. Vibrational therapy has been documented to impart consistent, predictable, and oftentimes immediate relief from a number of issues, including pain, insomnia and migraines. The Chakra system can be balanced and attuned to higher frequency. The Solfeggio frequencies can nurture each Chakra into wholeness. We all have issues arise as we go. It's good to have it done regularly.

The A-G scale is used to attune the different Chakras. I personally use Solfeggio frequencies, tuning forks, an elephant claw, Tibetan Bowls, bells and tingsha bells (chimes), crystal bowls, metal bowls, drums and a gong. They all impart healing vibrations and combine well with my own energy healing. I use crystals with them too, to have 3 modalities going at once, creating a perfect gift of healing.

Drums have a way of clearing and grounding that is fun and effective.

The gong brings the body/mind from chaos to order. It integrates all the benefits of the meditation, yoga or energy work that took place earlier. The gong can be used for breath work to help heal and clear perfectly. On its own or at the end of another practice, it's most helpful.

Crystal bowls stimulate and entrain the mind to healing. Their vibrations travel through the whole body system, although they are typically attuned to one Chakra.

Metal bowls are usually attuned to two notes and one specific Chakra. However, the notes A-G are each attuned with a single Chakra, so they will be felt predominately in each of those Chakras.

The echo of a Tibetan bell will clear within 7 seconds. This resonance has a pleasant effect on the mind in a sentimental way, lifting our frequency with our own enjoyment. Hearing it, we tend to relax and enjoy the experience, so it's pleasant and easy.

Tuning forks are specifically attuned to Chakras, frequency and intentional healing. They are subtle but can be enhanced by striking with a wooden striker. I have a wooden stand for my tuning forks and have placed small pieces of crystals into the space holding them. This increases the healing effect by 90%, in my estimation. I feel the energy being concentrated and with great expansion.

I see the color of the sound and energy healing, too. The understanding comes to me more and more as I experience it. I'm very blessed to be doing this work so often. I can go from anxiety to Zen with the strike of a bowl. In my opinion, nothing can escape the love and healing of sound.

Toning om, ah and hum are things we can do at any time to clear negative energy in body, mind and speech. Give it a try. Even just choosing one note to sing can vibrate us into a higher state of consciousness. The first time I played a Tibetan bell outside, I felt the sound travel to different places in nature. The trees, the stream and the earth itself seems to connect with it and return it with its love and healing combined. What a powerful blessing sound healing is for all.

*** Improving the quality of people’s lives is the objective in all that Rev. Sharon Kachel does. She is available for sessions to heal people, animals and properties by changing their frequency through sound healing, Reiki, IET, sacred geometry and meditation. She is available to officiating weddings, baby blessings and eulogies.

Learn more about sound healing and Rev. Sharon Kachel at her websiteher Awaken Directory listing and her Facebook Group, Attuned by Spirit. For sound healing events, visit her Meetup Group, Sound And Angelic Energy Healing.

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