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You Never Have To Do It Alone – An Important Lesson Learned on My Shamanic Walk

You Never Have To Do It Alone – An Important Lesson Learned on My Shamanic Walk

* by Athena Allread, the Seaside Shaman 

Not long ago, after losing my 'mommy' to cancer, I found myself sick with a mysterious illness. After months of trips to the ER, gastroenterologist, invasive upper endoscopy testing, gastric emptying studies, and more... I found myself still in great pain, vomiting nearly every day, having lost 30 pounds from my already small frame... hopeless and fearful that I may be suffering from some invisible form of cancer that was yet to show up on these tests. I called a local shaman in tears, asking her if she could help me. She suggested I come in immediately for a chakra balance. After about an hour of hovering her hands over my body and shaking some funky energy out of my back... She turned me over and asked "What are you sad about?"

In fact I was very sad. With my mother passing on Christmas day, my grandfather and great grandmother passing 4 months later, and giving birth to my baby girl only a month after that, I'd not had a moment to catch my breath and grieve. This shaman, The Medicine Woman, said to me "You have to grieve. If you don't, it will move up and it could become cancer". I knew in my soul that what she said was true.

She went on to share with me that my mother was right there in the room, with her son whom she'd lost as a boy before I was born. She pointed out that my mother had been clairvoyant, and that I was clairsentient, with a little bit of clairvoyance and clairaudience. I cried as she spoke these words... Because I'd only just learned them days before.

I came to understand that I wasn't completely crazy, that I was in fact 'hearing' and 'seeing' and 'feeling' from a more expansive and extrasensory dimension... my entire life. Although I'd taken the route of architecture, even in college I dove deep into my yoga studies, philosophy, anything esoteric and nearly minored in anthroplogy. While practicing architecture, I taught yoga part time, reading the tarot cards for family and friends for entertainment. As a child, I dreamt deeply, was visited by spirits in my sleep, felt their presence's around in my waking hours, and in grade school I'd latch onto any psychic I'd see on television, looking for clues, answers, guidance... At the time Sylvia Brown was pretty much it. There was no Rebecca Rosen or James Van Praagh or Long Island Medium or Monica the Medium to demonstrate that we could honor our extrasensory gifts and still be 'normal'. I shut it all down.

Yet, when my 'mommy' passed away, I found myself searching again for answers to our human existence. After months of seeking and unsuccessful efforts to reach out across the dimensions and ease the pain in my heart, I was finally able to connect with her. She shared with me her experience of crossing over and upward. All of my adult life, I'd feared death, and here was my mom in Spirit sharing with me the exact experience of death, how beautiful and magical and freeing it was... And I was no longer afraid.

I was no longer angry, or sad. I was excited for Life. I was excited to share everything that I was learning and to help others to get excited for Life. The Medicine Woman suggested that I consider taking the Shaman training. Unsure, I said I'd sit with it. But as the Universe would have it, I encountered two other Shamans within a month of that encounter, all with a message that I consider beginning my walk as a Shaman... and I decided to answer the call.

Here I am, only a couple of years later, as excited for Life as ever. For almost a year now, I've been seeing clients privately in Lewes and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. I've encountered the most beautiful and magical of guidance in the form of Angels, Spirit guides, Goddesses, Ascended Masters and always loved ones on the other side. In my openness to accept help from the Universe on behalf of whomever arrives to my table, help always shows up.

I am always in awe of the degree of guidance that I receive. It may be for the women moving through remission, healing from trauma, remedies for ongoing physical pain or discomforts, grief and depression, parenting, relationships, career, self-esteem... The help is there no matter what. There is one thing that I've learned in my short time as a shaman, that I share with every client, and that is... You never have to do it alone.

My intention with my practice is to release as many individuals as I can from the physical/emotional/spiritual blocks limiting them from being excited for Life, connecting them with their own spirit team of help, and to help them to build their own Medicine Wheel so that they can always have the tools they need to come back to their true Self. I wish everyone endless love, peace, and excitement for Life as they navigate their individual journey. Namaste.

*** Athena Allread is the Seaside Shaman, a Reiki master, registered yoga teacher and shaman who helps her clients release limiting physical, emotional and/or spiritual blocks. Based in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, she offers Divine Guidance Readings, Shamanic Healing, Healing with Crystals and Stones, Reiki and yoga. Sessions are available both in person and via telephone.

To learn more about the Seaside Shaman, visit her website here and her Awaken Directory listing here.

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