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A 3-part in-Depth Intuitive Development Course: St Germain, Spirit World, Your Guides & More

A 3-part in-Depth Intuitive Development Course: St Germain, Spirit World, Your Guides & More

Soul Spirit Salt Spa
122 N. York Road, Suite #6, Hatboro, PA 19040 (park in the rear of the building)

Start Time
09/08/2017 7:00 pm
End Time
09/22/2017 9:30 pm
$111 for 3 classes

I am happy to be offering a new 3-part course that will help you to develop and/or deepen your Intuitive abilities.  It is entitled:

"The Subtle Spiritual World: Learning About and Connecting with Saint Germain, Archangel Michael, Your Guides, Mentors, Masters, Angels, Ancestors and Your Past Lives--an in depth Intuitive Development Course"

In this course we will explore what the Spirit World is and how to sense and access it clearly and safely for yourself and for others.  As well, you will learn about the transmuting and loving energies of St. Germain and the Violet Flame and also about the wisdom and power of Archangel Michael. In addition, we will access, interpret and explore the meaning of your Past Lives.

Get ready to expand your concepts not only of who you are, but also of the Spirit World and of all of Reality.

"Things are not as they appear to be, nor are they otherwise."

To register, either email me at or call Dottie Gannotti at 215 657-5011 or email her at

The 3 week course will be held on Fridays September 8, 15 and 22 from 7:00 to 9:30 pm.  The cost $111.

Limited enrollment. To reserve your spot, please let us know that you are coming no later than Friday, September 1.

Yanni has been teaching Meditation, Intuitive Development, Healing, Hermetic Wisdom, Ancient Mystery School and Metaphysical subjects for almost 30 years. His intention is to translate ancient wisdom teachings into modern, real-day, life skills. He has successfully trained hundreds of people to develop their Intuition and taught even more people how to meditate.

The primary focus of his work is to help people experience the “still, small voice within” or as he prefers to call it, “The Embrace.”He is the author of six books on Meditation and Intuition, three Meditation CDs and numerous courses. As well, he has been doing “Soul Readings” for decades. In addition, he has been doing work on the international and national interfaith scenes as a subtle and spiritual activist.

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