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A Personal Guide to Meeting/ Working With Your Spirit Guides: 3 week Workshop #3

Being One Center (Warminster)
1330 Eddowes Rd., Warminster, PA, USA

Start Time
05/31/2017 7:00 pm
End Time
05/31/2017 9:00 pm

A Personal Guide to Meeting Your Spirit Guides

In this unique and intimate class Leslie will guide you through various activities, including practical exercises, and meditations that are focused on helping you to get to know one of your Spirit Guides. This never before offered class will span 3 weeks and in this time Leslie will work with you in a small group setting teaching and sharing messages from your Guide. Leslie has conducted one day workshops introducing everyone to their guides and this class is intended to take that meeting to the next level. If you would like to participate please read the important instructions below in order to be able to register for this course.


We will only be able to accept 2 Members paying Membership per class at one given time. 


This class is very unique in the way that it will be structured due to the deeply personal nature of the work. If you are interested in attending this and joining this class you MUST ATTENED the INTRODUCTION TO MEETING YOUR GUIDES workshop scheduled on May 17th to ensure that Leslie is able to see and that she *Has permission* to work with you and your guides in this way. Once Leslie has obtained permission from the guides we will establish a list of people interested in the extended course. If there is enough interest we will choose 6 individuals to start and then put the remaining individuals on a waiting list to participate in the next round of the class.

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1330 Eddowes Rd., Warminster, PA, USA

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