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Relationship Toolbox: Mindful Spirituality

Relationship Toolbox: Mindful Spirituality

Our meeting place (once sign-up)

Start Time
05/29/2017 7:00 pm
End Time
05/29/2017 9:00 pm
Donations from the Heart and Fees for Workshops

You are welcome to join us twice a month (primarily the 1st & 3rd Monday of each month). We require a minimum of FIVE (5) people to run the group. This is a safe place to explore, discuss, meditate, enjoy creative visualizations, workshops, write, journey, and create. You will experience group support and discussions, as well as enjoy positive and powerful insight building techniques and tools to strengthen and heal yourself within your relationships. This group was created to support and empower each member within the group. I see each member of Relationship Toolbox as a Love Worker- someone who can implement positive tools to instill greater love, joy, and peace in your life with others and within yourself.

As you journey through your life, you are connected with and encounter many people along the way. Some people in life are born into the connection while others are chosen or situationally-based. Some relationships last for brief times, while others last throughout periods of time or are sustained over your entire lifetime. You are the same person and as you grow, so do your skills and relationships. Some relationships will change or they may fall away to make room for better, more attuned connections. We will explore what stages you are in and where you want to be.

You are invited to welcome in more love, joy, peace, safety, and positive relationships- of every kind into your life. This group is provided for anyone who wants to learn, grow, and heal your relationships. You may be focused on your relationship to yourself, or maybe you are relating to your partner, child, friend, parent or your boss, client or colleague. We will meet and check-in with each other at the beginning of each meeting. There will be a safe, open forum and interactive offerings will be available at appropriate times and with the shared interest of each group member.

I am delighted that many of you want to be a part of this wonderful and healing group. Please show up if you RSVP. Donations from the heart are appreciated, due to Meetup costs, prep, and facilitation time- but not mandatory for most groups. Workshops have fees in order to attend and receive what you need.

Relationship Toolbox is led by a skilled, highly intuitive and experienced therapist, life coach and professional speaker. Nina's book, "Parenting for Life" received the internationally prestigious Mom's Choice Award and was endorsed by Dr. Deepak Chopra. You can hear Nina's radio and TV interviews, sign-up for Parenting for Life Group Coaching, outside of Meetup, and enjoy the monthly support of Learn to Live Inspired! ® eSeminar Series. Feel free to reach out to me for a free consult. You can see more of Nina's professional offerings at:

I am here to help you live your best life yet!

Live Inspired! ® Nina~

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